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"Behind every good man is a women rolling her eyes"

day 3 of rain/wind warning crappy weather in Iceland. Hopefully it will blow over this weekend. I will be laying low this weekend, hopefully do something amazing next weekend then hop on the plane bound for the united states of america the following weekend. i couldnt even say "three monthes" faster than it passed. i feel like i am in an unreal place that functions on its own unreal time. it will be so sad to say goodbye to this chapter of my life.

then onto a whole bunch of craziness. i am nervous to visit mark. seems like i barely even know the kid anymore. he makes comments like i'm afraid we're drifting-which freaks me out. but the we actually talk and it seems normal. i'm also afraid that my endurance has gone to shit because i havent been able to workout or even walk around for a while. hiking is going to kick my ass.

to add to those uneasy feelings, what the hell am i gonna do after that? dad suggested cod yesterday. i guess i could take some spanish classes or something. grad school? job? internship? live at home? move far away? health insurance? god, i dont feel ready to make any kind of decision. i like being young and being able to go in a which direction but i fear making a wrong choice. dont really wanna live a home but have no urge to get an apt in the naperville area.

i wish i could just travel. spend my life seeing new landscapes, scaling rocks, meeting interesting people, learning about different cultures.

if anyone out there has any suggestions of what i should do with my life, please let me know. i already ruled out running away to join a freak show and running in the upcomming elections.
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you don't have to do a thing. just never leave my side again. i swear to god, i will probably die if you ever leave me again. wheaton college apparently is hiring an quatics director. i will give you half my salary, if you promiss just to stay by my side.
losch's aunt just died, and i was thinking about her poor mother. i can't even imagine what it would be like to lose your best friend in the entire world. who cries when they post a live journal response? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. COME HOME.
awwee that was soo cute, I wanna cry too. Karla I agree, you should come home right now! And then not leave again, thanks
it's funny, i read that, and like heard your voice liz. weiiiiiirrrrrrd.