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time for a new update!

liz-tell me about mugwamp! that was such a tease.

i feel like savannah, at work just chillin on the net. my eyes are blurry from playing minesweeper.

a couple of friend visited me for about 3 hours and we played cards and i kicked some but. kinda wanna go ask random dude if i could play pool with him.

going insane.

so, is it against the rules to blog on the weekend or does it just mean you are a super dork?

saturday. what is everyone doing tonight???

Plan on hanigning out with me on the 15th. its a saturday. i should be home round 9ish. if you are working the next day-take off. if you plan on having any sudden illnesses-either contract them now or fight them off till the 20th. with that said...i cant wait to see you guys.

love always,
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