icekarland (icekarland) wrote,

happy birthday mark

welp, i started writing a great message yesterday but my computer wouldnt have it. then i gave up.
now i am at work and terribly bored. stitches come out tomorrow and i cant friggin wait. i hate having people do shit for me.
last night was quite fun. after sleeping the entire weekend, not exaggerating, i was quite restless. the guys on my floor were supposed to fly out yesterday but they had to order a new engine so they were game to party. and that we did. its just like living in a dorm but with boys were who are all in their 30s. played some cards, enjoyed nice conversation and drank. slept in, missed my ride and had to have someone come and pick me up. slackartist.
procrastination is a big problem for me. that is my greatest weakness. that and wendys.
missing stateside, loving iceland. the government has a lot of money.
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the problem is that they don't have alot of money...well they do, but they spend it on the wrong things....anyways. i am glad you are loving iceland, the out poor of support for your foot has been amazing. even random strangers express concern. cuz i posted it on the internet. hehe. just cuz the stitches come out does that mean you can move and walk and stuff? i misssssss you. last night we played risk, and i totally lost, but i kept fighting to keep forces in iceland. then kit took over, but i told him to take care of you. love ya, sis