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KK two tons has returned!

Yes, that's right. I have officially made a temporary vow to attempt to compose on occasion the story of my life as we all know it. In the event of starting a new career and ending my big fun youth, I will begin to livejournal again. So...the next time you will here from me, I will probably have started the end. and my bf will be in town for 3 weeks. for every 3 months of distance, i am blessed with 3 blissful weeks.

Things I will miss...
1. 5 minute walk to class
2. Drinking 3-5 days/week
3. Waking up at 1 pm on a regular basis
4. Vacations
5. Hagin out
6. Variety in life

Things I will like...
1. Having a purpose
2. Money
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Yeah, I love hearing stories. I wished we talked more. Call me whenever you feel like it love ya
Ps- Come visit agian! I promise to get more time off this time, promise