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this is why i hate this shit!

i'm all into writting my journal and...damn computer boots me off. god. self diagnosed ADD.

as i was saying...dont even wannan write it again. maybe tomorrow.

Liz-you have a great memory. reading your last journal was like being in highschool/jc all over again. we had such great times. the long term damage accumulated then was well worth it. i must try to stay on the wagon for awhile so i dont re-open my foot wound.

tomorrow, a couple friends and i are gong to rent a car and head down to reykjavik to hang with the peeps that helped me in my time of need. party in iceland with people from france, quebec, spain, serbian.... it sucks that i hurt my foot but i am so thankful to have met such amazing kind people. the guy from quebec actually packed up camp in the middle of the night to come and help me. then he emailed me and said such kind words.

i cant wait to come home and see all of you. it will be hard though, because i have made some really great friends here. i am so lucky to have you all in my life. damn-i am really re-evaluating life. i must have seen the light when i was submerged in the frigid water beneath the fall, then returned to life, pulled myself out of the water and stuck my gdmf thumb in my gdmf foot! grusome shit i tell ya!

so, where is that music/mood option? oh, there it is. why didnt anybody ever pick bouncy? i always feel bouncy.
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